Politique de remboursement

__Your purchase of FBHacker Software shall be governed by this Refund Policy. This Refund Policy is an integral part of our Terms of Service, the provisions of which are as well applicable to your use and purchase of the Software.

__Please read this Refund Policy carefully before placing your order as it determines your rights with regard to your purchases, including essential restrictions and exclusions.

__Android devices should be rooted in order to use the advanced features of FBHacker and be in conformity with the Compatibility Policy.


__Refund Conditions

__Subject to the applicable law and to this Refund Policy conditions, you may be eligible to receive a full refund within 14 days following the day of your purchase as long as refund reasons do not contradict the Refund Policy conditions outlined below.

__No refund will be issued after 14 days have elapsed since the purchase date.

__The claim for refund may apply only to the primary (first) FBHacker subscription.

__If you purchased additional subscription/s in another order, no refund will be issued.

__Your refund may be issued only once. If you buy another FBHacker subscription at a later time, it will not be subject to the same refund request.

__No refund will be issued for Subscription Prolongation and for Upgrades or Downgrades to or from FBHacker Subscription plans.

__No refund will be issued in case:

  • __the user has lost its private encryption key, which has resulted in loss of data, temporary loss of access to the user's User Space or any other inconveniences for the user;
  • __the user refuses to re-install or re-link FBHacker Software in the event of the performed upgrade of the operating system on the target device;
  • __the user’s target device is not in compliance with the FBHacker Compatibility Policy;
  • __the target device has lost connection with FBHacker subscription due to the absence of Internet access, factory reset or update to the latest operating system version.
  • the user’s account was defined as Dormant. Account is regarded as Dormant if from the last log-in date passed 1.5 months (45 days) and the customer did not access his account within this time frame.

__In addition to the above, no refund can be issued to a user in case the reasons for a refund are completely beyond FBHacker control. They include, but are not limited to:

  • __a target phone is not owned by a user or a user did not receive a consent of a target phone owner to install the FBHacker Software;
  • __a target phone does not have Internet access (no money left on the target phone account, temporary service interruption, roaming-related problem, etc.);
  • __the carrier operator is changed by a target phone user that leads to the loss of Internet connectivity and consequently improper functioning of FBHacker Software;
  • __update of operating system of a target phone;
  • __a target phone was reset to original factory settings;
  • __a user does not follow the installation guidelines of our customer support team via email or telephone call;
  • __a user does not accept technical assistance;
  • __a user does not have a physical access to a target phone or has forgotten the password to unlock it;
  • __a user did not receive the data that had been saved on a target phone before FBHacker was installed on it;
  • __a user is either unable or does not want to obtain physical access to the target device in order to enable iCloud backup;
  • __2-factor/2-step verification is enabled on a target device and a user is unable to have physical access to the device.
  • __a user does not have up-to-date iCloud credentials for target Apple ID account;
  • __a target device runs unsupported operating system. The following operating systems are NOT supported: Symbian Belle, Windows Phone, Windows Mobile, BlackBerry 10 or Bada;
  • __a user intended to use FBHacker Phone on more than one target device after purchasing one subscription plan;
  • __personal reasons (I’ve changed my mind, I’ve made a purchase by mistake, Software was not used, etc.);
  • __FBHacker Software was unlinked or damaged by anti-virus software, target device’s owner or other services;

__Refund Procedure

__The refund decision shall be made up to three business days.

__In case of the refund issuance please note that per each transaction the fees charged by banks and payment processing companies will be deducted from the refunded amount.

__Chargeback related

__In the event of a chargeback by a credit card company (or similar action by another payment provider allowed by us) in connection with your purchase of any subscription plan(s), you agree that we may suspend access to any and all accounts you have with us.

__Account reactivation is processed at our discretion and only after our receipt of the unpaid purchase(s).

__Our reinstatement fee currently set at $25 (US Dollars).